Are You COACHELLA 2018 Ready?

The famous Coachella Valley Music Festival is only a few days away – but if you’re anything like most 20 somethings, you have left being ready to the last minute – or maybe you’re just a rookie in need of some direction. Here is your last minute quick guide to Coachella!

We have some outfit inspiration and 15 rules for you to follow!

For the more relaxed music festival look, some
funky overall’s with sneakers and your Cataleya Bikini
are an awesome combo!







Consider your self a glamper and a bit more luxe,
then a silk dress and slave sandal outfit is perfect for you!
Team is up with the Maddison Bikini.







Are you a bit more of a rebel?
You can’t go past a leather skirt and vintage Gucci!
Team up this sassy outfit with our Kendall Bikini.







So what about make-up?
Styelle Recommends something light, fun and festive
like this rainbow style from Camila Yanes – check out her
artistry on Facebook or Instagram.








1. Wear sunblock, as well as chapstick with SPF or your lips WILL burn.

2. Drink water and then more water.

3. Wear the comfiest shoes you can find. Closed-toe shoes are essential if you’re going to try to get near the front of the stages at night, so your feet don’t get stepped on.

4. Choose the right clothing: light clothing during the day, and bring long sleeves at night. (It’s a desert, it can get a little chilly for some.)

5. Arrive in a good mood, this is going to be a good weekend for you.

6. Book your hotel or camping spot early. Sleeping options can often sell out more quickly than tickets.

7. Shower (please for the love of god). Your neighbors in the crowd will thank you.

8. Eat and take a break. Sit down.

9. Save drinking large amounts of alcohol till afterwards, because the sun will kill/drain you.

10. It’s smart to buy the t shirts/merch you want early. They often sell out at night and the lines are very long. Locker rentals are available to keep stuff in during the day (but don’t leave vinyl because it will melt).

11. Expect to wait in the morning at the entrance gate in long slow moving lines. Either arrive way early or relax and take your time.

12. Don’t be a scarface and try to smuggle crazy ass drugs in there. While relatively lax, security/police do escort people out from time to time, and that would be a bummer of a weekend for you.

13. Don’t “push your way” up front. This is kinda important. If there is an artist you want to see, get to that stage while the artist before is still on and just wait it out, you just may end up see something else you like too. In other words, don’t be the asshole.

14. Have a physical meeting spot with your party, because your cell phone reception is spotty at best.

15. Bring sunglasses.

Coachella is a fun place for everyone, so just remember to be kind in order to receive kindness – spread love and drink responsibly.

We’d love to hear your stories after the music fest below so leave a comment or drop us a line at

Check out the Coachella official website for more tips and tricks here.

Coachella Music Festival 2018